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Forty Years to Life by Brenda Brantford Ward - Book review

While reading “Forty Years to Life” Brenda Bradford Wards' memoir I underwent an experience that challenged and changed my perceived opinions. When reading the blurb, I realized I started forming opinions without any evidence which soon left me with mixed emotions.

Upon furthering my reading of the book my mind was opened to the sad and unfair struggles of those who faced the themes explored in this memoir. It was also intriguing learning what and how far individuals would go just to hide their true identities because of the fear surrounding the reactions of people. Brenda skillfully explains and dives deeply to make sure the reader understands exactly what the "person" is feeling. The author also has a very good way of explaining that although the world is viewed in pink and blue it can also be red or yellow.

Brenda Branford Ward does an okay job of covering the various topics that were included in this memoir. Although I have no complaints in that section, her way of pacing this read can be perceived as repetitive and fast.

While I admire Ward's detailed approach to expressing her story, I didn't find it to resonate with me specifically. The extensive use of big words, though adding a layer of professionalism, felt like a barrier for someone seeking a more accessible reading experience. It's worth noting that readers who are not comfortable with an extensive vocabulary may be turned away by this memoir.

In conclusion "Forty Years to Life" is a memoir that may leave you conflicted. I must commend Brenda Branford Ward for succeeding in creating a thought-provoking read and she should be praised. This memoir with its highs and lows was an amazing experience, I would recommend it to anyone looking to expand their knowledge on the topics touched on or to simply discover the emotions that come with them.

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