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3 Concept Short Stories

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

3 Short Stories. No context, no attachment. It's all up to you how you wanna end it or start it.

All Written By Me

She had died so many deaths to hear that sentence. And if she was self centered for wanting to so badly.. then so be it. Nothing else mattered to her right now, than knowing that to just one person in the world, she meant something. She meant everything. Just like they did to her. It all paid off.
I was on a journey to find a love worthy of Cupids arrow and then to turn it into something worth more than his whole quiver. Whether I succeeded or not, it wasn't for me.
Millions of years from now Andromeda will collide with us. And when it does, the story written in the stars will be ours. And million of years from then, it will still be there.

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